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Addressing the Operating Room Nursing Shortage in our Hospitals.

Eileen Rowland-Scheets, MA, RN, NEA-BC

A charter member of the Greater NYC Nurse Recruiters group in the early 1980’s when she worked at Long Island College Hospital and Beth Israel Medical Center. Holding several leadership positions as President, Vice-President, Membership Chair and Exec Committee member in this new organization created for the Nurses who were newly appointed to the role of Nurse Recruiter during one of the first modern shortages of RN staff in USA. She traveled extensively hiring foreign trained nurses and working closely with the CGFNS, Dept. of Labor, State Boards of Nursing and local legislators to fine tune the best practice to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome for both the employer and the foreign trained nurse.

Eileen became an advocate for these nurses as many were exploited by dishonorable agencies capitalizing on the dire shortage and the personal circumstances of these professionals from third world countries. As a mentor to new Recruiters she could be counted on to provide sage counsel, to share her knowledge and experience with the various agencies marketing nurses.

As a Director of Nursing or a Director of Recruitment, her focus was always on retention of the valuable commodity of human capital. A patient must have a competent nurse at the bedside and a national shortage or staff turnover contributed to unsafe patient care conditions. Partnering with labor unions to address the low wages and working conditions was one of her most challenging and rewarding efforts earlier in her career. Hours of lobbying and expert testimony on the Hill may be one of her most personal contributions to advancement of the profession.

A long and storied career, a RN since 1973 and out of the workforce for only 3 brief MLOA’s, she has held progressively responsible positions in NYC at BIMC, Lenox Hill, Hospital for Special Surgery, and most recently at University Hospital, Newark NJ since March 2015 as their Director of Talent Acquisition.